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Turn Even The ‘Worst’ Audition Into Gold

  • Turn Even The ‘Worst’ Audition Into Gold

    Many actors, no matter what level of career success, obsess about the last audition they had. This can happen even if they think it went well. They go over their lines again and again, thinking of the perfect ways they delivered/should have delivered them. Every little moment is revisited, How did I do? Did it go as well/badly as I think? What did the look on that director’s face mean? Did I really trip over my own foot on the way out? Was the part where I cried as great as I thought it was? Did I nail it or blow it? You probably know that inner voice, and if so, you also know that it can be a crazy-making waste of time.

    Yes, it’s important to review our own work and learn from it. We grow when we make conscious efforts to notice what works and what doesn’t, but in the long run it’s only going to be a source for learning if we treat it as such. Obsessing, daydreaming and rehashing are limiting habits. They take us out of the present moment and trap us in uncomfortable states of being. Taking new information and organizing it for future use is far more resourceful and liberates us into empowering states. With the right activities, all that excited, anxious thinking can be turned into gold.

    So, what would you literally do instead? One activity that can help get you out of your head and back into the present moment is this; Right after your next audition, before you start your vehicle or get on the bus, take fifteen minutes and write down all the things you noticed about the meeting—what went well, what was disappointing, what you would do differently and how, and what you can learn from the whole experience. Whether you feel happy with the way the audition went or not, make sure you highlight or circle the things that did go well and what you will do next time to improve your auditioning skills and presence. Take no more than half and hour for this and then put it aside, take a deep breath and shake it off—-literally, stand up and shake your arms and legs. This will get your energy moving and help you start afresh.

    Being conscious about what you can learn from any given situation raises self-esteem, skills and positive states, which in turn are all gold when it comes to your career. You can either let your mind run amok and distract you from life, or you can gather up the immense treasures awaiting you at every turn.

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